Quick Answers to Common Cover Letter Questions

This week, Free Resume Builder provides a few answers to some of the questions we've recently received about cover letters.

Online Profile Myths

This week, we attempt to straighten out a few common misconceptions about the way online profiles are read and reviewed. If you've been buying into any of these myths, now may be a good time to re-evaluate your approach.

Ask a Hiring Manager: Social Connections and Hiring Decisions

This week, Free Resume Builder reached out to the hiring managers on our contacts list and asked them about the influence of social connections. Specifically: When a candidate mentions a mutual contact in a resume or cover letter, do you go out of your way to schedule an interview? Here's how our friends responded.

Don't Oversell and Don't Undersell: Cover Letter Tips

When you reach out to a potential hiring manger and ask to be taken on as an employee, you're trying to send two simultaneous messages that may seem to conflict in some ways. You're asking to be granted a favor, in sense. But you're also letting this company know that they have something to gain by hiring you, something that's worth more than the cost of your salary, and if they don't leap on this opportunity, their competitors certainly will. So in your cover letter, you need to sell yourself…but you also need to be honest and confident about your accomplishments and the trajectory of your career. Here are a few tips that can help you walk this fine line.

Ask a Hiring Manager: How Far Will You Go for the Right Candidate

This week, Free Resume Builder posed a question to some of the hiring managers in our contacts list: When you see a resume that seems like a perfect match, how far will you go to pursue your chosen candidate? Here's how our mangers responded.

Four Cover Letter Moves That Can Undermine Your Chances

Before you put the finishing touches on your cover letter and resume and send them off, take a close look at your letter and make sure you aren't guilty of some of these seemingly minor missteps that can set your job search back.

Eight Classic Cover Letters

Here are eight classic cover letters that almost always find their way into the applicant pool for every open position, in every industry, at every level. Does your letter resemble one of these? If so, Free Resume Builder may be able to help.

Five Things all Successful Job Searches Have In Common

At this point, a "successful" job search can be defined as a search that lasts eight months or fewer and results a position that the candidate decides to keep for at least a year. So if this is the benchmark—a short search followed by a satisfactory new job—then what are some of the traits that all almost successful searches have in common? Here at Free Resume Builder, we've identified a few of these traits and listed them below.

Three ways to speed up your search and get off the job market faster

Dear Free Resume Builder, I've been looking for work ever since I lost my position as a production manager in 2013. I've had a few interviews and two offers, but the interviews didn't lead anywhere and the offers weren't acceptable. Now my unemployment benefits are about to run out, my savings are long gone, and I need to bring this search to an end, no matter what. Any advice?

Quick answers to common cover letter questions

This week, Free Resume Builder provides a few answers to questions we've received about cover letters and the job application process.

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