Ask a Hiring Manager: How Far Will You Go for the Right Candidate

By Jeremy Cyrus 03/03/2014
Ask a Hiring Manager: How Far Will You Go for the Right Candidate?

This week, Free Resume Builder posed a question to some of the hiring managers in our contacts list: When you see a resume that seems like a perfect match, how far will you go to pursue your chosen candidate? Here's how our mangers responded.

"If the resume is one in a million, we'll bend over backwards. Our manufacturing business requires very specific and rare skill sets in the areas of machine tooling and programming, and if we see a perfect set of credentials, we'll cover transportation costs, provide childcare benefits, and pretty much pay whatever the candidate asks."

"When we find a set of skills that perfectly match the position, outlined in a beautiful and convincing resume, we overlook other details that might be considered red flags. For example, a misdemeanor in a background check, a questionable Facebook photo, or a slightly awkward interview."

"We play it cool. We try not to get too excited or overinvested until we can verify some of the claims on the resume and make sure the candidate is really as amazing as she seems in the surface."

"We don't always know what we want…until we see it. When we find a great resume, we schedule the interview as soon as possible, and we'll fly the applicant in from almost anywhere. We develop high expectations, though. So be warned. If you sell yourself as a superstar, we'll need to see that play out during the rest of the selection process."

"When we find a candidate we really, really like, we gather the budget resources we need and we prepare to offer whatever it takes to pull the candidate away from her current employer. The candidate holds a lot of cards at that point."

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