Ask a Hiring Manager: Social Connections and Hiring Decisions

By Jeremy Cyrus 03/10/2014
Ask a Hiring Manager: Social Connections and Hiring Decisions

This week, Free Resume Builder reached out to the hiring managers on our contacts list and asked them about the influence of social connections. Specifically: When a candidate mentions a mutual contact in a resume or cover letter, do you go out of your way to schedule an interview? Here's how our friends responded.

"I sure do. If the mentioned connection is real and the relationships are portrayed honestly (no cheesy overstatements, please), I keep the candidate in the running. Without the help of my network connections, I wouldn't be where I am today."

"I skim very carefully for exaggerations and overstatements. If you're pretending to know someone in my circle and this relationship is passing at best and fictitious at worst, you won't gain points with me…you'll lose them."

"I don't forget my friends. If I owe someone a favor or a nice gesture, and they recommend a candidate to me, I'll pay them back by giving the candidate a chance. Of course I will. Who wouldn't?"

"Yes, of course. We're very proud of our company culture, and the best way to hire great candidates is to leverage the employees you already have. In fact, we provide hefty rewards and signing bonuses for employees who bring their friends on board. If one of our respected employees is your friend or family member, please tell us in your resume and cover letter. We'd love to know!"

"Oh, heavens yes. If anyone in my circle can provide you with a recommendation or testimonial, please let me know. I'm looking for candidates I can trust, and if my friend likes you, then so do I."

"Not much. Social contacts are great, but I don't have much respect for random name dropping. Go ahead and mention some names if you must, but don't let your contacts overshadow your real credentials."

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