Bulking Up a Thin Resume: Tips

By Jeremy Cyrus 02/03/2013
Bulking Up a Thin Resume: Tips

I graduated from college in 2004, and after a brief stint at the entry level, I stepped into my current position, which I've held for the last eight years. Now I'm looking for a new position, but the "work history" section of my resume has one entry, and I'll be honest: It looks a little thin and sad. What can I do?

Take a closer look at the details of your history. Even though you've only held one job title, and possibly a single set of responsibilities, you've still found ways to learn and grow over the course of the past eight years. You'll just need to figure out how to identify and explain each of the steps on your unique staircase. Try these tips.

  1. Consider the leadership roles you've taken. Have you headed any committees, launched any new projects, or suggested any new ideas that were adopted by your department or company? If yes, each of these should have its own bullet point under the heading "Accomplishments and Initiatives".

  2. Have you won any awards during this time? Every blue ribbon, team victory, or employee of the month plaque should also have its own bullet point.

  3. What roles have you taken in training other employees? How about initiating new employees during their first weeks and months on the job? If you've ever taken another employee under your wing, voluntarily or by assignment, include this responsibility in your resume.

  4. Have you launched or encouraged extracurricular activities in your workplace, like city clean-ups or food drives? Have you taken a leadership role in party planning or holiday decorating? If you've ever stayed late to tackle any task in the spirit of teamwork, morale boosting or community building, add this to your resume. Dig deep. After eight years, your hard work and dedication have certainly paid off; visit FreeResumeBuilder for formatting and resume organization tips that can help you make this clear.

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