Eight Classic Cover Letters

By Jeremy Cyrus 02/25/2014
Eight Classic Cover Letters

Here are eight classic cover letters that almost always find their way into the applicant pool for every open position, in every industry, at every level. Does your letter resemble one of these? If so, Free Resume Builder may be able to help.

The one that says too much.

This letter goes on and on, documenting every single professional experience, every former position held, and every skill set the applicant holds now or held at any time in the past. This applicant needs to scale it back and be a little more selective, using the details the reader will find easiest to remember.

The one that says almost nothing.

This letter fits within a page, which is fine, but it shares no substantive information of any kind. It could benefit from a few more concrete examples of skill and competence.

The one that's perfect…except for one thing.

This letter is warm, witty, detailed and bursting with positivity…but one line casts a shadow on the candidate's readiness. She may have done better by leaving this detail out of her profile until the interview.

The one that's not great…except for one thing.

This candidate is just a face in the crowd. He's dull and seems afraid or unwilling to express himself and take a risk. But he does have one rare credential, just one, that keeps his resume in the maybe pile instead of pushing it into the trash.

The one that has all right details, but a weak presentation.

This applicant seems qualified, but his thrown-together resume and clunky sentences make him look like a corner cutter with weak written communication skills.

The one with a beautiful presentation, but poor details.

This applicant has the opposite problem: his resume is elegantly laid out, but he's missing some vital requirements that were clearly described in the job post.

The one that lands the interview.

This resume may not be perfect, but it has a little of everything. This candidate has an eye for layout and detail, strong writing skill, at least half of the job requirements, and an attitude that makes him seem adaptable, humble, and quick to learn. Best of all: He's on the phone right now, making a polite follow up call to ask if his materials have been received. While he's on the line, maybe he'll agree to an interview later this week.

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