Final Resume Submission Check-Off List

By Jeremy Cyrus 02/14/2013
Final Resume Submission Check-Off List

Your resume and cover letter have been formatted, edited, checked and double checked, and now they're ready for submission! Or are they? Before you click attach and send, quickly run down this list and make sure each of these items have been taken care of.

Final Resume Issues to Check Off Before Sending

  1. Take one last look at your contact information. Make sure your phone numbers, address and email address are updated and look the way you want them to.

  2. Take one last look at your addressee's name. Is it spelled correctly?

  3. Check the company name. Is it the right company? (Make sure you don't reference the company you applied to just before this one.) Is the company name spelled correctly?

  4. Is your summary 100 percent free of errors and typos? Look for missing words, double words, and spelling and punctuation issues. Even if you've proofread the entire document a hundred times, go back over the summary once more.

  5. If you use a standard cover letter as a template and tweak each separate submission just a little, take one last look at each altered section. As in, "I would like to apply for the position of _____, that I saw posted in _____".

  6. In addition to a resume and cover letter, have these employers asked for a link to your website? A project portfolio? A work sample? Make sure whatever you've been asked for has been addressed, inserted, or attached.

  7. Look one more time at the posting. Have you provided the employers with every piece of information they've requested? Some employers ask applicants to include an expected salary range. If this hasn't been requested, make sure it doesn't appear anywhere in your application (this can undermine your leverage during later negotiations.) If asked for salary information, you don't have to include it, but an omission may remove you from the running. Turn to Free Resume Builder for more guidance on what items to voluntarily include or exclude.

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