Five People Who Will Need to See Your Resume

By Jeremy Cyrus 01/23/2013
Five People Who Will Need to See Your Resume

Now that you've created a winning, memorable resume (with formatting help from FreeResumeBuilder), who will need to see this work of art? Where will you need to display it, who should you send it to as an email attachment, and when will you need to take a few hard copies with you when you step out the door? Here are five people who will need to get their hands on your resume as soon as possible.

  1. Your mentors. An important part of your job search will involve reaching out to your mentors to meet with them in person and ask them for advice. When you do this, offer these people your resume whether they specifically ask you to or not.

  2. People at job fairs. Take several hard copies of your resume with you when you attend a job fair. You can leave a copy behind with each company representative you speak to.

  3. People who view your LinkedIn page, your website, or your blog. Post a version of your resume in each of these places, and make links available to anyone you contact about potential work.

  4. Recruiters. If a recruiter contacts you about an appealing position, have your resume ready and hand it over as soon as possible.

  5. Specific people on your contacts and friends lists who might be able to help you. Reach out to these people first to establish a connection, and then ask if they might be able to pass your resume along to potential employers.

  6. NOT total strangers, potential scammers, and random people who approach you online with no mutual contacts to back up their claims of a relationship with you. During their roughest moments, job seekers can easily become needy and distressed, which makes them a popular target for scam artists and trouble makers. Stay open to possibility, but be very careful with how you share and disseminate your personal information.

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