Five Things all Successful Job Searches Have In Common

By Jeremy Cyrus 02/24/2014
Five Things all Successful Job Searches Have In Common

At this point, a "successful" job search can be defined as a search that lasts eight months or fewer and results a position that the candidate decides to keep for at least a year. So if this is the benchmark—a short search followed by a satisfactory new job—then what are some of the traits that all almost successful searches have in common? Here at Free Resume Builder, we've identified a few of these traits and listed them below.

A successful job search requires:

1. An open mind.

Stay tuned in to every piece of advice that comes your way, even if you decide not to take it. Hiring, employment, and career success are entirely human endeavors, and no two searches, jobs, positions, or companies are ever the same. Everyone has a story to tell about what works and what doesn't work with the realm of his or her own experience. Pay attention to everything you hear.

2. A beautiful resume.

That's right, we said "beautiful", not just effective or detailed or well-written. If a resume is laid out with a strong sense of harmony and design, the job seeker who created it will seem like a professional, experienced person who takes her actions and efforts seriously. At the core, every hiring manager is looking for a candidate like this.

3. A resume that offers something more.

Of course employers are looking for a candidate who possesses all the requirements listed in the post. But the one who actually lands the job will be able to offer just a little bit more, some quality or skill set that none of the others can claim.

4. A cover letter with a voice.

If employers can get a sense of who you are by reading your cover letter, and they like that person and feel an affinity for him/her, then you're halfway in the door. Why? Because most cover letters don't do this. Make your letter and resume express some of your voice and your personality, something that sets you apart and brings your application to life.

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