Online Profile Myths

By Jeremy Cyrus 03/12/2014
Online Profile Myths

This week, we attempt to straighten out a few common misconceptions about the way online profiles are read and reviewed. If you've been buying into any of these myths, now may be a good time to re-evaluate your approach.

Myth 1: If managers don't ask for online resumes, they won't read them.

Reality: They might. The internet is public and they can do as they choose. So even if you aren't asked for an online resume, don't waste a valuable opportunity to provide employers with information about your skills. Create one anyway, and include a link (perfectly optional, course) in the contact information section of your formal, official resume.

Myth 2: Managers think online resumes are gimmicky and silly.

Reality: Managers are human beings, and they have widely varying opinions on every subject, including this one. Before you dismiss this process, look into it and find out what you might be missing. (Free Resume Builder can help you format and create your online resume if you decide to go this route.)

Myth 3: Online resumes expose managers to accusations of discrimination, so if you include a link to one in your formal resume, you'll be dropped like a hot potato.

Reality: If employers don't want to know more about you than they can gather from a formal, one page resume, they won't go searching for more. (But it's true that your formal resume shouldn't share anything about your appearance, your religion, your handicapped status, your ethnicity, sexual orientation, family status, etc.)

Myth 4: Managers like to be entertained. Throw in some silly videos and animations and you'll be hired immediately. It's all about marketing and finding the right hook!

Reality: Some of it is about marketing. But most of it is about establishing yourself as an excellent match for a specific open position. Feel free to have fun with your online resume, but as you do so, keep your information relevant.

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