The Art of the Perfect Follow Up

By Jeremy Cyrus 02/18/2013
The Art of the Perfect Follow Up

You know you need to reach out to employers at various strategic points during the application process. But how can you make sure you're showing interest without coming off as pushy? A smooth, professional follow-up can help you gain an edge over your competitors. It can also prevent the company from misplacing your resume, putting the job on hold without telling you, or otherwise leaving you in the dark. Keep these follow-up tips in mind.

Follow up Like a Pro

  1. Follow up immediately after your interview with a small handwritten card addressed to each person who interviewed you. Keep your message friendly, restate your interest in the position, and let the addressee know that you look forward to hearing the final decision.

  2. You can also feel free to send a follow up message after your initial resume submission, but since some job postings attract hundreds of applicants, don't expect an acknowledgement of either your resume or your message.

  3. After you've been interviewed by an employer, feel free to check in at least once every two weeks in order to keep yourself in the loop, but…

  4. …Space out and vary your follow-up messages. Don't send a message if you just sent one the previous day. And try not to repeat the format, tone, or specific text of each message. Saying the same thing over and over again is off-putting, no matter how warm and professional these words sounded the first time.

  5. If asked to stop following up, stop. This means your message was received, and any further pushing will be likely to hurt your chances.

  6. Following up can help you stand out, but so can submitting a great resume in the first place. Before you even begin the application process, start by visiting Free Resume Builder for guidance.

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