The Five Types of Resume Readers

By Jeremy Cyrus 02/04/2013
The Five Types of Resume Readers

Once your resume finds its way through email chains, past keyword scanners, and around assistants, it will finally land in the desk (or digital desk) of a resume reader who will probably also have several other resumes to review and compare. This reader will probably fall into one of five common categories. Make sure you write, format and submit your resume with each of these reviewing styles in mind.

1. The summary reader

This reader reads the summary section of each resume with care, but after a quick glance (or no glance) over the rest of the text, she puts each resume down and moves onto the next one. This reader will give your resume more attention later, but only if you make it past her first skim. The trick to winning her over? A summary that provides a clear, compelling synopsis of your story.

2. The one who reads every word, but only once

This reader studies every credential and every claim, but his system is pass-fail. Once he's given your resume a thoughtful and flexible examination, he'll either call you in for an interview or send your application to the trash. In either case, he won't look at it again.

3. The one who reads through the eyes of someone else

This reviewer puts his own opinions and impressions aside and reads your resume through the eyes of someone else. This may be a board of directors, an admissions committee, or another hiring manager. In any case, he may like the tone and details of your application, but if he thinks the boss won't go for it, he'll close the gates.

4. The one who's looking for one qualification above all others

This reviewer is self-explanatory. Either you speak Italian/ have a year of ad agency experience/ have CNC certification, or you don't. End of story.

5. The one who expects to impressed, and won't settle for anything less

This reviewer wants to be impressed, not merely satisfied. She's waiting for a star, and until she sees one, she's in no rush to fill the position with anything less. To get past her, you'll need an army on your side. Start with a visit to Free Resume Builder for professional guidance, resume editing tips, and formatting tools that can help you face this challenge.

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