Three ways to speed up your search and get off the job market faster

By Jeremy Cyrus 02/20/2014
Three Ways to Speed Up Your Search and Get Off the Job Market Faster

Dear Free Resume Builder, I've been looking for work ever since I lost my position as a production manager in 2013. I've had a few interviews and two offers, but the interviews didn't lead anywhere and the offers weren't acceptable. Now my unemployment benefits are about to run out, my savings are long gone, and I need to bring this search to an end, no matter what. Any advice?

Yes. Here are three moves to consider if you need to get off the market and start earning a paycheck as soon as humanly possible.

1. Change your perception of "work".

Stop thinking of work and your career the way your parents and grandparents did. No job represents a lifelong commitment. Ever. Work is a simple exchange of services for fair and reasonable payment…and that's all it is. If you've been turning away from jobs because they're beneath you, they don't reflect your long term career goals, they aren't where your passion lies, or you're afraid to commit to something you might not like, get over this. Channel your sense of adventure, start widening your pool of potential employers, and get some money flowing into your account.

2. Fix your resume.

For real this time. Get serious about finding the hidden problems and ironing out the kinks in your resume that might be turning employers off. Start by visiting Free Resume Builder for formatting tools, and start handing your resume over to friends, family, and professional editors for constructive criticism. While you're at it, take the same hard look at your cover letter.

3. Start thinking about your alternatives.

Maybe a traditional "job" isn't right for you. And if this is the case, you're in luck, because there are plenty of other options out there and plenty of other ways to earn money and make a living. If you think running a business, consulting, lecturing, or freelancing are risky pipe dreams, think again. People just like you are doing these things every day, and they're finding ways to overcome the challenges they encounter as they go. Don't be afraid to start a new career, it isn't uncommon for people to work in multiple fields throughout their career nowadays.

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