Resumes That Win and Resumes That Fail

Great resumes address each section and subheading with flair, professionalism, and confident style. Weak resumes usually tend to make a set of similar and common mistakes. Here are a few classic differences between the resumes that win and the ones that fall short.

Three Resume Moves that Almost Always Lead to Interviews

Here at Free Resume Builder, we provide plenty of tips and tools that can help job seekers increase the impact of their resumes and raise their chances of being hired. But some of these tips and guidelines have more impact than others. Here are a few that provide the most mileage and the highest returns on a small investment of time and energy.

Cover Letter Tips for High School Graduates

College may be a goal for some, but if this path doesn't feel right for you, or if you aren't sure an expensive degree will bring reliable returns, or if you simply aren't ready and haven't decided on a specific area of study, you'll still need to take your career forward after high school. You'll need to earn a living, and you'll need to gather the practical life experience that can carry you into adulthood. That means finding a job…which means creating a professional resume. Here are a few tips that can get you started.

Outdated Resume and Cover Letter Rules

Some cover letter and resume "rules" are more flexible than others. And even those that seem unbreakable often change with time. Here are a few tried and true resume details that may have been part of every job seeker's toolkit a few decades ago, but are now being called into question. In some cases, these moves are not only unnecessary, but can actually hold your search back. Think carefully before you take them to heart.

Edit Your Resume in Five Simple Steps

Your resume is complete! Every section is drafted, and all the details of your education and work history are in place and ready for prime time. But before you attach your cover letter and send your entire application off to a potential employer, stop and take a breath. No polished, professional piece of writing is ever complete without a thorough editing process. Take these five steps before you make another move.

Resume Tips for Management Level Retail Employees

If you're ready to make the transition from an entry level retail role to a management level role, there are two things you'll soon learn about this industry. First, you may not be able to find the opportunity you're looking for within your current company. If your employer has limited positions available or there's only one manager in your outlet and she's not going anywhere, you may need to start casting your net outside this business. But there's also some good news: the retail sector is on the rebound, and there are plenty of management positions available for competitive candidates in almost every geographic area. When you're ready to launch your search, keep these tips in mind.

Resumes That Leave a Powerful Impression

This week, Free Resume Builder reached out to a few of the hiring managers in our network as asked them to tell us about the resumes that have left the strongest impression—good or bad—over the years. In response, they described some of the best and worst job applications they've ever seen.

Four statements that need to appear in your cover letter

If all goes well, your cover letter will be so beautifully written and will align so perfectly with the needs of your potential employer that you'll be called in for an interview immediately. And in that interview, you'll be presented with a series of questions about your readiness for the position. So in a way, your cover letter is a kind of pre-interview, a document that proves your ability to expertly dispatch a volley of questions in a way that proves you're right for the job.

Resume Tips for the Long Term Unemployed

Even for a few weeks, the job search can be frustrating (though a few weeks on market is perfectly normal for most positions in most industries). And as weeks drag on and turn into months, job seekers often face an unsettling question: Can the length of an extended job search actually hurt a candidate's chances of bringing the search to an end?

Your Resume: Deciphering Rejection

I've sent out ten resumes so far during my job search, and I've received only one interview invitation. The other nine resumes resulted in nothing but silence. Why? Am I doing something wrong?

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