Ask a Hiring Manager: What’s Your Number One Resume Tip?

By Jeremy Cyrus 02/02/2013
Ask a Hiring Manager: What's Your Number One Resume Tip?

This week, Free Resume Builder asked hiring managers to tell us their single most important resume tip. They were happy to share, and here's what they told us.

Melissa, medical equipment sales

Give me your resume in person. If you find a way to put yourself in front of me, I'll be more likely to remember you face and give your resume the attention it deserves. I attend frequent conferences and networking events, so show up and plant yourself where I'm likely to be.

Vince, defense contracting

Make your claims clear. Even though my industry uses thousands of acronyms, I'm annoyed when I see an acronym or business-sounding term I don't recognize. I know it's ironic, but that's the nature of the game. If you completed a training program with an abbreviation nobody will recognize outside of your company, clarify your statement before you send your resume to me.

Atena, medical billing

Don't play games. Resist the urge to hide, exaggerate, spin, or throw smoke. If I get the sense that an applicant is concealing previous employment dates or trying to bury bad news, I send that resume directly to the trash. I'll decide what's a red flag and what isn't; don't try to decide for me. Just tell the truth and be proud of your record as it is.

Lana, retail

Call after you submit your application! Follow up. If you don't call, we'll probably lose your resume and you won't hear from us. Sure we're disorganized, but that's how it is here.

Mohsin, structural engineering

Please don't send pictures of yourself with your resume. Submit only your cover letter and your resume as a Word file, as our post instructs. Don't send a whole set of additional files in formats we don't trust, won't open, and didn't ask for.

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