Job Search Tips: How to Write a Great Thank-You Note

By Jeremy Cyrus 02/15/2013
Job Search Tips: How to Write a Great Thank-You Note

What are some of the secrets to an utterly charming, interviewer-impressing, job-landing thank you note? Here are a few. Keep these in mind the next time you have someone to thank. And if you're giving your all to the job search process, that means today (and tomorrow, and the next day…)

Write a Knock-Out Thank you Note

  1. The best follow-up thank you note is a small, handwritten card filled with carefully chosen words and sent to the recipient by mail. Head to the stationary store and choose some tasteful cards with nothing pre-written on the inside.

  2. Inside the card, write a few brief lines stating 1.) what the recipient did for you, 2.) how much you enjoyed this interaction, and 3.) the fact that you look forward to future contact. At the least, that makes three short and simple sentences. It's not rocket science. And this charming gesture will hit the mark no matter well you write, and no matter your age, gender, background or level of professional experience.

  3. If your card relates to an interview you've recently been granted, use this format to remind the interviewer of your most important credential. Share your belief that you and the company/position will make a great match.

  4. If your card relates to a favor you've been granted, like a recommendation made on your behalf, let the recipient know that you'll keep them updated on the outcome. Involve him or her in your both your journey and your anticipated success.

  5. The more notes you write, the better. And the more interviews you land, the more notes you'll be writing. To land those interviews, visit Free Resume Builder and make sure your resume and cover letter set you apart from the crowd.

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