Resume Tips for Creative Employees

By Jeremy Cyrus 01/24/2013
Resume Tips for Creative Employees

Employees in "creative" fields, like design, illustration, writing, and photography face a specific set of requirements when it comes to impressing potential employers. If you're in one of these fields, employers will have three basic must-haves that they'll need to check off before committing to a professional relationship with you. 1) They'll need to trust you and trust that you have the training and the skills to produce something other people can't, 2) they'll need to see something in your work that reflects their own vision, and 3) they'll need to know that you're steady, reliable, and professional in your approach to your work.

A professional portfolio can help you make your case on all three counts, but what if you're only asked for a resume? How can you make sure your resume gets these messages across? Try these tips.

  1. Make the most of your summary section. Don't just state that you're smart and experienced, demonstrate it in your tone and claims. Instead of just saying "I'm an excellent writer", make sure your summary itself is beautifully written. (Visit Free Resume Builder for specific guidance with this.)

  2. Offer a clear and easily accessible path to your work. Employers may not want a full portfolio just yet, but your resume should include at least two functioning URLs where samples of your work can be found. For example, place the address for your webpage in your contact information AND in the text of your summary.

  3. Name drop. If you've completed work for any clients the employer might recognize, make sure these names are clear. No matter how small the project may have been, if your former employer had a high profile, make the most of this reflected glory.

  4. Showcase your professional as well as your creative side. Make it clear that you're just as focused on the business end of your work as you are on the artistic end. Either emphasis can be positive, but to inspire real trust, emphasize both.

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