Resume Tips for Long Term Job Seekers

By Jeremy Cyrus 01/30/2013
Resume Tips for Long Term Job Seekers

As your job search begins to extend past the three month mark, then the six, ten, and fifteen-month point, your resume will need a few periodic adjustments to keep from becoming stagnant (or misleading). Long job searches are simply a reality of today's hiring market, and if you can endure the climb, stay on your feet, and stay flexible, your resume can too. Visit Free Resume Builder for guidance, and in the meantime, keep these tips in mind.

The Long Road to a New Position

  1. If you've been sending the same resume out to dozens or hundreds of employers and you haven't changed any aspect of it in months, pull it up on the screen right now. Tweak something. Make at least one phrase a little tighter. Alter your summary so it more accurately reflects who you are, what you can offer, and what you want. Repeat this exercise at least once every two weeks.

  2. Take a close look at the most recent entry in your work history section. Is this still your most recent relevant "work"? If you've been on your own for six months or more, it probably isn't. Update this section to include your volunteer work, your freelance jobs, your odd jobs, and the committees or boards on which you've served. The updated entry doesn't have to be long or detailed—it just has to provide a quick explanation of what you've been up to.

  3. Are your standards changing? After a long job search, two things tend to happen: an applicant's standards sometimes get a little lower (which is not great) and they also get a little wider (which is certainly great.) If you're thinking of using your culinary , security, administrative, childcare, or snowboarding skills to extend your job search beyond your original narrow field of interest, good for you! Adjust your resume to reflect that. If you're thinking of lowering your standards or taking a step down the corporate ladder in order to widen your options, that's okay too, even it isn't ideal. Again, it's one of the realities of our times. Just make sure your resume clearly states what you're currently looking for and what you can do.

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