Resume Tips for Management Level Retail Employees

By Jeremy Cyrus 02/28/2014
Resume Tips for Management Level Retail Employees

If you're ready to make the transition from an entry level retail role to a management level role, there are two things you'll soon learn about this industry. First, you may not be able to find the opportunity you're looking for within your current company. If your employer has limited positions available or there's only one manager in your outlet and she's not going anywhere, you may need to start casting your net outside this business. But there's also some good news: the retail sector is on the rebound, and there are plenty of management positions available for competitive candidates in almost every geographic area. When you're ready to launch your search, keep these tips in mind.

  1. Put your entire story in your resume summary. This is a competitive field, so managers may not read beyond the summary section before making a decision. Don't let them miss an important detail.

  2. Keep your resume subheadings parallel. As you describe your current or former responsibilities and accomplishments, make sure each entry is written with the same verb structure.

  3. Emphasize your customer service and customer relationship management skills. You may be reaching for a higher position level, but no matter how far you go in retail, you'll always need to deal directly with customers and clients.

  4. Emphasize your readiness for a management role. Provide concrete examples of your leadership skills, your ability to train new employees, and your experience with negotiation, coaching, and decision making. There are all skills that you'll be exercising on a daily basis in your new role.

  5. Ease up on your descriptions of entry level skill sets like punctuality and schedule maintenance. At the management level, these are a given.

  6. Focus on sales, and make it clear that you understand the critical role of sales expertise in any retail position. Let your employers know that you take the success of their business seriously and personally.

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