Resume Tips for Management Positions

By Jeremy Cyrus 02/26/2013
Resume Tips for Management Positions

Experienced managers who find themselves on the job market are at an advantage; after a few years of hiring, firing, coaching, and training, a track record begins to speak for itself. But what about job seekers who are stepping into management positions, or trying to, for the first time ever? If you're trying to convince prospective employers to give you your first chance at a mid-level position, you'll need to make sure your resume sells your potential, if not your experience. Start by visiting Free Resume Builder for formatting and editing help, and keep these tips in mind as you move forward.

First Time Manager Resume Tips

  1. You'll need to emphasize two key points for your readers: Your technical readiness and your leadership skills. These are separate areas. Make each one clear in its own right. You've mastered the job skills that a professional should possess at this level in this industry, and you're also ready and able to help others attain and demonstrate these skills.

  2. You'll need to demonstrate that you can make decisions on your own. You can follow orders, and that's fine, but now you're ready to start choosing a course of action without being told what to do. Highlight projects or accomplishments from your past that can help you make this case.

  3. You'll need to instill confidence. The best and most inspiring leaders are those who lead without the benefit of official authority. If you ever steered a team in the right direction, sold your department on a great new idea, or influenced others without actually being in a position to give instructions or commands, make this clear.

  4. Mention your training and coaching experience. Even if you've never held a position in management, you may have initiated or trained new employees. If you've been successful with this task and you can apply a number to your success rate, include that number.

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