Resume Tips for the Long Term Unemployed

By Jeremy Cyrus 02/13/2014
Resume Tips for the Long Term Unemployed

Even for a few weeks, the job search can be frustrating (though a few weeks on market is perfectly normal for most positions in most industries). And as weeks drag on and turn into months, job seekers often face an unsettling question: Can the length of an extended job search actually hurt a candidate's chances of bringing the search to an end?

Here at Free Resume Builder, we would love to say no…but we can't. The answer is yes, some employers do in fact apply negative judgments to candidates who have been searching for six months or longer without receiving a suitable offer. If you're approaching (or have long since passed) the six month mark, here are a few resume moves that can help you overcome a potential employer's concerns.

  1. Consider volunteering for a non-profit organization, or taking on responsibilities for a local trade or industry group related to your field. You can also take on freelance projects on a very limited basis that fits your lifestyle and job search schedule. It just helps to have an additional entry after a previous position that ended in a different calendar year.

  2. Join an open source community if you're in a tech field, and if you aren't, maintain an active online presence related to your area of expertise. Keep your blog posts and tweets relevant and informed, so anyone who looks you up can easily see that you're staying in touch with industry changes and trends.

  3. Organize the previous positions in your resume's work history section by relevance to the job at hand, not by chronology.

  4. Take courses, gain certifications, and explore tangible ways to further your education. If you're enrolled in these courses but you haven't finished them yet, include your program of study and your expected completion date in your education section.

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