Resumes That Leave a Powerful Impression

By Jeremy Cyrus 02/27/2014
Resumes That Leave a Powerful Impression

This week, Free Resume Builder reached out to a few of the hiring managers in our network as asked them to tell us about the resumes that have left the strongest impression—good or bad—over the years. In response, they described some of the best and worst job applications they've ever seen.

"I received a resume that was written in pen on a long sheet of yellow legal paper. And this wasn't a generation ago—it was in 2009. The last line of the resume said "Please have your secretary type this up as a professional courtesy." I keep that one in a drawer to this day."

"We were opening a new position because we had recently launched a product that was selling beyond our expectations and we needed an extra set of hands. The candidate hit the nail on the head so precisely, it blew me away. She literally said this in the letter: "I know you've had success with your new line, and I know your operations may be slightly overwhelmed—Success can be a challenge sometimes! But I'm ready to step in make sure you don't have to pass up a single new order." She was a mind reader. Talk about researching the company!"

I once received a resume that was written in text speak. Seriously. The candidate used "r" instead of "are" and "u" instead of "you". More than once.

The best resume I ever received was from a candidate who had changed careers several times, across vastly different fields. She managed to elegantly explain how every one of her previous roles contributed to her readiness for the job in question. I felt like we had hit the jackpot and we'd never see such a perfect candidate again. We hired her immediately.

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