Three Resume Moves that Almost Always Lead to Interviews

By Jeremy Cyrus 03/11/2014
Three Resume Moves that Almost Always Lead to Interviews

Here at Free Resume Builder, we provide plenty of tips and tools that can help job seekers increase the impact of their resumes and raise their chances of being hired. But some of these tips and guidelines have more impact than others. Here are a few that provide the most mileage and the highest returns on a small investment of time and energy.

Placing no Limits on Customization

If your targeted managers have a specific problem on their hands, and they've opened this new position to solve that problem, find out exactly what the problem is. Then find a way to solve it for them. Then pitch this solution in your cover letter and resume using the clearest possible terms. Will this take detailed research? Yes. Could you be using this time investment to apply for a long list of other positions? Yes. But if you take this gamble, there's a strong chance it will pay off.

Making Your Resume and Cover Letter Warm and Personal

It's very hard for employers to resist an application that's couched in friendly, personal terms and uses the names of the hiring manger's close friends or respected colleagues. If you know any of these people or hold any social capital that can be used to your advantage, applying this leverage will probably land you an interview at the very least. People will go to great lengths to give you a chance if doing so will represent a favor to a friend.

Demonstrating How Serious You Are About This Work and This Industry

Have you ever written and published an article about this profession? Have you ever spoken to an audience at a conference, fundraiser, or industry event? If you haven't, now may be a good time to tackle either of these two challenges. Neither of them are as difficult as you might believe, and both can add something extra to your resume that might launch you ahead of your competition.

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