Your Resume: Deciphering Rejection

By Jeremy Cyrus 02/07/2014
Your Resume: Deciphering Rejection

I've sent out ten resumes so far during my job search, and I've received only one interview invitation. The other nine resumes resulted in nothing but silence. Why? Am I doing something wrong?

Here at Free Resume Builder, we receive multiple versions of this question every week from readers and visitors, so you're not alone. Without knowing any of the details of your situation, we can say there's a strong chance that you're doing nothing wrong—You just need a little patience and perseverance, and you need to recognize that if you're applying for a position in a competitive field, the odds won't always work in your favor. Even if you're qualifications are very strong, there may be twenty other strong contenders for each open position you pursue. That being said, go back through your resume and make sure you can answer yes to each of these questions.

  1. Is your resume summary clear and easy to read and understand? Place yourself in the shoes of a potential hiring manager with an important position that urgently needs to be filled.

  2. Does your resume summary explain exactly what you can bring to this position that no other candidate can?

  3. Are your resume and cover letter absolutely, positively free of all typos, misspellings and confusing grammar?

  4. Do your resume summary and your cover letter mention this specific position and this specific target company by name at least once?

  5. Is your tone respectful and warm, not wooden and robotic?

  6. Does your letter feel customized and unique, not like part of a mass mailing?

  7. Is your resume free of exaggerations, overstatements, or misleading phrases that make your accomplishments sound more impressive than they actually are? (Be honest with yourself.)

  8. Is your resume positive, confident, and free of understatements, apologetic phrases, or statements that make your accomplishments seem less impressive than they actually are?

If you answer no (or “I'm not sure”) to any of the questions above, get some help. Visit Free Resume Builder for writing and formatting tools that can keep your job search on track.

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